Native Food Sovereignty
through Indigenous Education and Research

The Buffalo Nations Food System Initiative (BNFSI) is an Indigenous-led building collective, collaborative, and proactive capacity for Indigenous food sovereignty. Founded on the principles of the Indigenous Research Initiative through equitable Indigenous-led partnerships in research and education and guided by Elder’s and knowledge keepers from Buffalo Nations of the Northwestern Plains and Northern Rockies. Montana State University significantly supports the development and prosperity of Indigenous food systems in this region as they become reinvigorated by the Native Nations themselves.

“Seven generations thinking guides our work.”


Paulette Fox Natowaawawahkaki – Holy Walking Woman (Kanai)


Proactive, Collaborative Intertribal Food Sovereignty

BNFSI is dedicated to rebuilding the relationships between people and land amongst buffalo nations whom have supported Indigenous food sovereignty for millennia. Together we can build healthy Indigenous food systems for the 21st century and beyond.

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